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Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
champion in the years to come. to have some kind of revolution but when the next election for speaker happens to republican conference conservatives especiallespeciall y within the caucus will remember how cantor handled the fiscal cliff and that may help them. there were other high-profile republicans who voted it had interestiinteresti ng votes. paul wright in the house voted for it. marco rubio on the senate votes no on it. what he think the implications are about? >> guest: to see there are 2016 implications is a little far-fetched but if you love politics you have to look at it. when i was inside of the house chamber watching the fiscal vote, he really is a power player within the party. one of the most important things he is done since the campaign is aligned himself for speaker john boehner and a lot of people did not expect this. one of the the reasons his dumbest and i've spoken people who are close to right write is he wants to make 2013 if budget year. in order to do that he needs boehner support so i don't think ryan will actively break with boehner. >> guest: we have not
Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
-- after obama was elected, you have these people in guantÁnamo and they didn't even know who they were. some of the obama administration said is let's collect this and put together a task force. the passports got screwed up to start with. included every agency. there is now an assistant attorney general who the deputies then they had represented at from every agency from the cia and the defense intelligence agency and defense department. it was a very conservative agency and there has had to be unanimous opinion to clear anyone. this person is not of intelligence value. so if we were careful with this process, many of the people couldn't come to be unanimous agreement. i hope that helps answer some of the questions. .. some of those are recommended for trial because the government said they were too dangerous to these and didn't have sufficient evidence. that's what i have issue with. i think it is important to remain focused on the prisoners who were cleared. if the task force of the sober officials recommend the transfer, surely all that is required is the most minimal kind of superv
Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
of the president, when to press him or when to back off and tell a joke. after he won the election wendell willkie who he beat was in his office comp then they remained friends. wilkie said to the president, cut why do you keep that man so close to you? batman being hopkins. wilkie did not like hopkins and roosevelroosevel t said you know, hume may be in this office some day and you'll understand. he asks for nothing except to serve me. today defense secretary leon panetta said his department is preparing for budget cuts if congress doesn't act on the sequester. automatic spending cuts that would remove $500 billion from the defense budget. secretary panetta was joined by joint chiefs of staff chairman martin dempsey at this 45 minute pentagon briefing. >> earlier today, i was pleased to welcome president karzai to the pentagon, along with his delegation from afghanistan. including minister of defense mohammad. i had long, i think it was an hour-long, one-on-one meeting with president karzai at. we have the opportunity to discuss the ongoing transition to afghan security lead as well as the commit
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
the korean peninsula. it was unpopular. truman couldn't run for re-election because of it. we took a vacation. we had nuclear weapons supposedly make up for it and we had vietnam and we took another vacation. i think we got it right after the cold war. we're in to a different era. more than any ones i remember, the economic impacts of spending are a national security problem i would agree with that and agree with people who say we can't continue to lead unless we fix our economy. i think it's wrong to say we'll fix our economy by reducing the defense spending. with e can't fix our economy unless we tackle the entitlement issue. before long the entitlements would eat up put us in a terrible deficit problem. so if we have to leave, which i think we do, if we have to be able to afford to leave. which i think we must. i think we have to fix our economy. it's bigger problem than the defense budget. >> mark, do you want to -- make -- mike do you want to weigh? >> no, i'm ready to hear from the crowd, myself. right there. please wait for the mic and stand and introduce yourself. [inaudible] just men
Jan 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
. of course there wasn't time. the time between the election in january 1st 2 workup of his details, give up the fact we have to political parties snarling at each other and not a whole lot of the way of negotiations. that really wasn't in the cards, but a nine, which would have come from enacting some big pieces, quote, down payments, accompanied by a framework and specify how the rest of the puzzle would be put together over the next six months is some credible enforcement wickedness and who would ensure the balance of the undone task would be accomplished. such a framework might have included an agreement to increase revenue from tax reform, reduce entitlement spending or similar reforms of somewhere around $1.2 trillion on each side minus whatever was part of the down payment agreement. of course became a keep it short of this. so to is a charitable grade. a second bit concerned about the fiscal cliff issue was that it had dire consequences for our fragile economy we might have pushed the economy back into recession as cbo and others had warned if the fiscal cliff cerda was prolonged and
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5